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I made this community mainly for a place to put my icons, but everyone is more than welcome to join and add theirs too!

Find icons and graphics for great TV shows like Red Dwarf, to awesome Horror Films like Evil dead - And everything in between!! (even a healthy dose of good old fashioned Rock 'n' Roll)
As long as its Sci-Fi, Horror, Comedy, or Hair metal, then you can post away to your hearts content!

more bio comming soon

Please Tag all your entries with the appropriate tags. (e.g. 'evil dead' for evil dead icons. Multiple tags are fine! 'evil dead, red dwarf, zombies')

You MUST credit the maker of the graphics at all times. Its only fair, and polite.

Dont pass the icons off as your own. You do get found out.

Please only post 3 Icons, and put the rest behind a lj-cut

If you wish to put your icons as 'friends only' or 'public' - that choice is entirely up to you!

For other images, please make sure they are no wider than 300pixels

This is not a request community, however if you are in desperate need of something, if you ask nicely someone might help you!

If you steal images, hotlink, or cause drama, you will be banned and blacklisted.

You can promote your own community so long as you post icons relative to this community in the same post. Also It would be nice if you advertised this one in the community your promoting.

You can post news/humourous images of relavent TV/Film (e.g Craig Charles releases Autobiography / It rained Herring / I am A fish)